Is Water Always Cold In Your Shower? Here’s Why

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Not many people in this world want to start or end their day with an ice-cold shower. While it can be effective for some things, it’s not always the most comfortable situation to be in. Thankfully, you can rely on an expert plumber in Albany, OR from Linn Benton Plumbing for plumbing issues like ice-cold showers.

However, it’s always good to understand the root of these plumbing issues so you and your local plumber can better diagnose the problem. Perhaps you’re dealing with a broken hot water heater or airlocks in your water pipes. Here are a few reasons why you may be experiencing cold shower:

1.  Water Heater At Wrong Temperature

First, check your water heater temperature. Most manufacturers recommend that water heaters should be set at 120 degrees. If you constantly find that your water isn’t coming out at the temperature you want it to, try adjusting the temperature. If that doesn’t work, try getting water heater repair in Albany, OR.

2.  Leaky Water Heater Tank

Once you’ve tried adjusting your temperature and the water is still ice cold, you may need to look into whether or not you’re dealing with a leaky hot water heater. You may notice water on or around the tank. Be careful not to confuse this with condensation, however. If the tank isn’t hot enough to create condensation and you still see water, it’s safe to assume a leak issue is in the works.

3.  Water Heater Is Being Overused

If you live in a house with lots of people, you may run into ice-cold water often because the water heater is being overused. One person starts and occupies the dishwasher while another is running the washing machine at the same time. Both appliances need hot water to properly function, and the water heater can only hold a certain amount of hot water at a time. Call a professional for a new water heater installation if you find this problem occurs too often.

Look no further than Linn Benton Plumbing for first-rate water heater services. If you find yourself dealing with cold showers or other plumbing problems, we’re sure to find the perfect solution. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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