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Modern plumbing within a home or business will eventually empty into your municipal drain. Between your plumbing fixtures and the city's drain, however, is the sewer. This conduit takes on all of the water leaving your home or business, and it can develop problems over the years. Whenever there is an issue with your system, be sure to consult Linn Benton Plumbing for sewer repair and replacement in Albany, OR, and the neighboring areas.

Sewer Red Flags

Being observant can make it easier to spot sewer issues before they become major problems. A common red flag in any system is frequent backups. You might be diligent about tossing trash into a receptacle, but the toilet or sink may still clog up eventually. Another issue that might affect your Albany home is multiple problems at once. If you've ever flushed the toilet and the nearby sink filled with water, a sewer problem is a possibility.

Sewer replacement or repairs are necessary when our team sees certain symptoms around the property, such as clogs occurring simultaneously, or if there are changes to the lawn's surface. A sinking section of your lawn might mean that sewer water is exiting the pipe in the wrong location. Breaks or leaks are often the triggers for this symptom.

When any of these symptoms arise, we will need to conduct a sewer camera inspection as an initial step. Our team can see the pipe from end to end, through the use of our high-resolution camera. This should inform our plumber in Albany, OR, where the problem resides.

Effects of Sewer Problems

Sewer problems that go without repair will slowly damage your structure and surrounding land. Water erodes organic materials over time, which means that leaking sewers will create the same decline. Water clogs inside the home might spill out of sinks, tubs, and toilets. Cabinetry, flooring, and drywall will become saturated. Replacing these damaged fixtures creates another expense. Further pipe damage is possible when sewer issues arise. The yard might heave and break down as water fills in the surrounding soil. Dirty water may even pollute the immediate area.

The Experts in Sewer Repair and Repair in Albany, OR

Our plumbers are the top industry professionals in the Beaver State. You want our experts viewing and repairing your sewer lines. At Linn Benton Plumbing, we understand the complexities of underground piping along with structural designs. Choosing a plumber without these areas of expertise can cause even more problems at a residence or business.

Our professionals start any examination with a sewer camera inspection. The resulting video tells us if a single section requires attention or the entire line needs a replacement. You're welcome to view the video to confirm any quote. After a thorough inspection, we will verify if your plumbing issues may only require a sewer repair. We can dig out a pipe section or joint, and secure new piping into place. If your system requires a sewer replacement, it's usually necessary to dig up the line. We use small machines to pull up the soil and reveal the pipe. Trenchless options aren't normally applied in these situations. You want a fresh pipe moving sewage away from your property.

A complete sewer replacement is necessary when most of the piping has either aged or become compromised. Tree roots that pierce the pipe across most of its length, for example, will trigger a replacement quote.

Here’s Why You Can Rely On Our Specialists

Sewer repair and replacement may sound like complex, time-consuming tasks that result in unsightly damaged landscaping and stressful plumbing downtime, but we here at Linn-Benton Plumbing have extensive expertise that makes even these daunting tasks seem simple and straightforward. We also command a wide-ranging selection of equipment that allows us to address a wide range of sewer problems with ease.

We're well aware that sewer line problems often happen at the most inopportune times, and that's why we offer regularly scheduled appointments during normal business hours and also emergency repair services at any time of the day or night. Regardless of when we respond to your call for help in the vicinity of Albany, you can expect to be treated to attentive customer care and professional service. We'll gladly offer you a comprehensive estimate before the work begins, and we'll completely clear away any spilled water or other mess before we leave for our next job.

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Our team has experience in every aspect of plumbing. Along with sewer services, we offer water heater repairs, repiping, and fixture upgrades. You can set an online appointment or call our office. We're pleased to provide sewer repair and replacement in Albany, OR, and the surrounding areas. Contact Linn Benton Plumbing today and we’ll address your plumbing issue promptly and efficiently.

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