Drain Maintenance 101

Whether you own or rent your home, taking care of your drains is a must to prevent slow draining, backups, clogs, or even major floods. Knowing how to properly maintain your drains at all times can help to minimize the risk of costly repair jobs that are entirely preventable with ongoing maintenance practices. We offer drain cleaning in Corvallis OR to complement your own drain maintenance practices. This is a great way to make sure our drain snaking services for any clogged drain will benefit you for a long time.

At-Home Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your own drains at home is possible with a few tips and tricks. However, it is always important to avoid creating your own makeshift tools or equipment to attempt to snake drains. It is also important to avoid using chemical cleaners to help with clearing clogs, as these cleaners may add to the damage and erosion of your home’s plumbing system. Some at-home drain maintenance tips to remember include:

  • Use hot water each time you use a faucet or plumbing fixture in your home to help clear debris, buildup, and other potential clogs
  • Avoid using grooming products such as razors, shaving equipment, and hairbrushes near sinks, and hair is often the number one cause of residential clogs
  • Use homemade solutions to maintain clean drains with the use of baking soda, warm water, and vinegar for an all-natural and safe maintenance remedy

Contact us for Drain Cleaning

Understanding basic drain maintenance 101 is extremely helpful, even if you are in need of drain cleaning services from our  professional drain cleaning company in Corvallis, OR. When you know how to properly maintain your home’s drains and plumbing system, it is much easier to determine when it is time to call on the professionals for the plumbing help you need. Contact Linn-Benton Plumbing when you need our team to address clogged drains.

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