What Makes Bradford White Water Heaters the Top Option?

Linn Benton Plumbing is a local provider of water heater services in Corvallis, OR. Whether you need a new unit or require repairs and maintenance, our experienced professionals can provide you with unparalleled service. We also offer some of the finest in heating equipment, the Bradford White line of quality water heater systems.

Why Select a Bradford White Heater?

Having a quality, reliable and efficient hot water heater in Corvallis, OR is important, which is why millions of homes across the country choose Bradford White water heaters. These are some of the features:


Each Bradford White heater is made for maximum performance with a six-year warranty. With a Built to be the Best heater, you are assured of a steady supply of hot water on demand. When properly installed by a plumber in Corvallis, OR, you can expect your water heater to perform at its best for years.


The remarkable efficiency of Bradford White water heaters is rated at more than a 45 ENERGY STAR performance, minimizing the use of energy and saving on utility bills each month.


Bradford White heaters are built with safety in mind and implement features such as the Defender Safety System to guard against accidental ignition of outside vapors. Water heater installation in Corvallis, OR by qualified professionals at Linn-Benton ensures that your heaters operate safely according to local codes.

Innovative Features

Bradford White has always stayed ahead when it comes to new technologies for improved reliability, safety, performance and efficiency. Such features include Vitraglas lining, uniquely formulated against corrosion, the Hydrojet Total Performance System, which reduces the buildup of sediment, and the ICON System intelligent gas control system for more accurate temperature control are the result of these advancements.

Linn Benton Plumbing is an owner-operated business located in Albany OR, serving Corvallis and the nearby areas. Whether you need heater-system repairs or maintenance or a new installation or have a broken hot water heater in Corvallis, OR, we can handle the job.

As a qualified carrier and installer for Bradford White products, you can be assured you’re getting the leading-edge in water-heater efficiency, reliability and safety. We’re also proud providers of premium Rinnai tank and tankless heating systems and products. Contact us today for top-level installations or water heater repair in Corvallis, OR.

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