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A water heater that's not working is just one reason to call a plumber in Lebanon, OR, and nearby areas from Linn Benton Plumbing. In addition to fixing a broken hot water heater that may be making strange noises because of sediment buildup, leaking, or not properly heating your home's water, we can help you select a new water heater that's right for your Lebanon, OR, home if it's time to replace or upgrade your existing water heater. Our trained local team installs and services both traditional hot water heaters and tankless systems.

Importance of Fully Functional Water Heaters

It's important to be proactive about water heater maintenance and repair since water heaters provide the heated water you need to take care of daily tasks, like getting showers and baths, doing laundry, and cleaning your dishes or running your dishwasher. Ideally, you want a water heater that efficiently produces all the hot water you need so you're not faced with situations where hot water suddenly turns cold. Hot water in itself is important because it helps to kill germs and other harmful contaminants.

Main Facts on Traditional and Tankless Water Heater

When it's time for new water heater installation or replacement in Lebanon, OR, you have two main choices other than just whether you prefer gas or electric as your heat source. The first type of hot water heater we can install for you is a traditional water heater.

These tanks normally heat about 30 to 50 gallons of water at all times. We recommend having a traditional hot water heater drained at least twice a year to minimize corrosion and reduce your odds of dealing with an inefficient broken hot water heater. If you prefer this type of water heater, it's best to have one that's the right size for your home and typical hot water needs.

If your traditional tank needs to be replaced, we suggest considering tankless water heater installation. Also known as on-demand water heaters, a tankless system provides heated water only when it's needed without having to depend on a tank. A tankless system can use as much as 34 percent less energy than a traditional water heater. However, parts do occasionally need to be replaced with any water heater, so keeping up with routine maintenance with both traditional and tankless water heaters is important.

We Offer an Array of Water Heater Services

The water heater repair we offer in Lebanon, OR, include water heater repair and installation. We're also at your service when it comes to routine water heater maintenance. With water heater repair, our trained technicians will take the time to diagnose the problem and make the necessary adjustments or repairs. This process can also involve replacing worn parts and fixing leaks.

If repair isn't possible or it's no longer a cost-effective solution, we can install a new water heater. If you're ready to explore all available options, we'll gladly help you make a well-informed decision about the source of hot water that's best for you.

Choose the Number One Local Team

For an important job like a water heater repair project, you'll definitely be glad that you chose the team at Linn-Benton Plumbing to carry out the work. We have a great reputation for furnishing attentive customer care and first-rate repair services throughout Lebanon and nearby communities. Our team is also locally based right here in this region, so you'll be doing business with neighbors when you hire us for your water heater maintenance and service tasks.

Whether your water heater needs a minor tune-up or major in-depth repairs, we'll handle the job quickly, but we'll never sacrifice on quality just to save a few minutes of work. You can count on us to provide you with a personalized quote, accommodating appointment options and a complete satisfaction guarantee. We'll also tidy up our worksite by removing trash, unused supplies, spilled water and all other traces of our activity when the job is done.

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Linn Benton Plumbing is the only company you need to know if you're in need of a plumber in Lebanon, OR, and the surrounding areas. In addition to water heater-related services, we provide a broad range of general plumbing and drain services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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