Our Tankless Water Heaters from Rinnai

Tankless water heaters have distinct advantages. They save money, conserve space, and consistently provide hot water. At Linn-Benton Plumbing, a local plumber in Lebanon, OR, from our team can offer tankless heater services for both homes and businesses.

We also offer tankless heater installation as a part of our water heater services in Lebanon, OR. Our team takes pride in carrying the highly reliable and popular products of Rinnai. Tankless water heaters are a departure from the standard tank design. Rather than store and heat gallons of water, they start up the heating element right at the outlet, such as a sink, and heat the water as it flows, creating a continuous supply of hot water on demand.

The Distinct Features

From showers to laundry, dishwashing and general cleaning, hot water is an important and necessary feature in a home. With Rinnai tankless water heaters, you never run out. They save more energy compared to standard heaters and last double the time with double the warranty.

Rinnai heaters are also the size of a suitcase, freeing up valuable space and eliminating worries of leaks from a broken hot water heater in Lebanon, OR. The burners light according to recirculation technology. Some units are also Wi-Fi equipped to provide you a way to set heating schedules conveniently.

As the heating element is local, hot water arrives in seconds, saving wasted water, wait-time and higher bills, and a Rinnai tankless water heater installation in Lebanon, OR, integrates with a smart home system.

Rinnai water heaters are regarded for their high quality, making them the leading tankless hot water heater in Lebanon, OR, for businesses and consumers. The majority of components are made in-house, and each unit passes a thorough test before shipping.

The brand offers the HE and HE+ Series V, RL and RLX non-condensing high-efficiency models; the SE Series RUCS, RUS, RU and RUR condensing super high-efficiency models; and the Hybrid Series RHS and RHS100 80-gallon, non-condensing tank/tankless hybrids.

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Linn-Benton Plumbing is a proud local provider of Rinnai high-quality tankless water heaters as well as Bradford White water heaters. We also offer both tankless and standard-design water heater repair in Lebanon, OR and the surrounding areas.

For efficient on-demand water supply and water heater services in Lebanon, OR, call our team or fill out the online form. We look forward to serving you.

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