Common Misconceptions With Tankless Water Heaters

In the instance of a water heater installation in Corvallis, OR, some common misconceptions may persist about the viability of a tankless water heater as an alternative to a traditional water heater. The following are clarifications when choosing a water heater at Linn-Benton Plumbing.

Tankless Water Heaters Cost a Lot to Run

In fact, a tankless water heater in Corvallis, OR costs less, even as much as 20 percent. Traditional heaters need to keep gallons of heated water in reserve, day and night. In contrast, tankless or on-demand heaters heat water only when it’s needed.

They Don’t Provide Enough Hot Water

A traditional heater is actually limited in supply, and when it runs cold, it can take as much as a half-hour to reheat. Because a tankless heater runs water over a heating element, hot water is available for as long as you want.

Hot Water Isn’t Continuous

Tankless heaters installed professionally are capable of meeting demand, and because cold water always flows over the heating element, hot water remains consistent. If you have a broken hot water heater in Corvallis, OR, consider the benefits of a tankless design.

They Are Inefficient

As traditional heaters store all that hot water, they waste energy. In the case of gas heaters, pilot lights can also lead to higher carbon emissions. The efficient use of clean energy in a tankless hot water heater in Corvallis, OR means heating at a fraction of the cost of a traditional design.

Superheated Water Temperatures Aren’t Safe

The water temperature in a tankless heater is fully adjustable with a thermostat. Just like a traditional water heater, the thermostat in a tankless heater keeps the water from getting too hot and can be set at just the temperature you want. Call our team for our water heater services in Corvallis, OR to find out more.

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