Common Issues that Affect Tankless Water Heaters

technician inspecting a tankless water heater in Lebanon, OR

A tankless water heater is a piece of equipment that many homes rely on for their hot water needs. However, like any other mechanical device, tankless units can and do suffer from a few common problems, requiring professional water heater repair in Lebanon, OR. Here are a few of them, straight from our experts at Linn Benton Plumbing.

Mineral Buildup

Tankless water heaters are vulnerable to mineral buildup over time, such as calcium and magnesium deposits. This is especially true if you have hard water in your home. When this happens, it could negatively impact your water heater’s efficiency or even impair its ability to heat water. Routine water heater services, including descaling and flushing, can help prevent or reduce the risk of this issue.

System Overload

If you didn’t already know, every tankless water heater has a maximum flow rate. This means that if you try to run too many fixtures at once, it can overload the system and cause it to shut off. Make sure to check with your manufacturer for the flow rate capacity of your hot water heater, and then adjust your usage accordingly.

Ignition Failure

This can happen as a result of something as simple as an interruption in your gas supply. However, it could also be a sign that you’ve got a broken hot water heater. It’s best to call a professional technician who can accurately diagnose the issue and get your hot water running again.

You can place your trust in the certified team at Linn Benton Plumbing for anything that involves your water heater. From hassle-free water heater installation to cost-effective maintenance and repairs, our trained and experienced technicians will make sure your appliance is operating as efficiently as possible. Contact us today to schedule a service visit.

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